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Chop Suey!
  • ARTIST: System Of A Down
  • ALBUM: Toxicity
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Artist: PONG

Kuwabara and Megallica requested by ukaknir

Q: Is it true that the first demos of the newest album were threw all away by you?

M: Yeah. Well, I mean, when I say demos it’s more like, you know, almost beats like we have instrumental that where, you know, I mean, it could be like a minute and half long. I played this for guys and they were like 'it's okay, that's cool', and I was like 'it's okay, that's cool', and then I listened to them late, you know, one day I lost my heart to it. I wanted something more agressive and maybe just more traditional rock or something, I don’t know. (…) The thing is, when I was a teenager I liked like this much music. There was very specific kind of things I liked and everything else I didn’t like, and as an adult I like so much music, I like everything but to make this kind of record I couldn’t appeal, depend on all of this, like we had to be very focused. And so, as we talked and all of these choices we made apart, we were very picky about how each elements goes to parts, to use it and play it.

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